How to Wear Hiking Boots With Skirts?

Mastering skirt and hiking boot proportions can be tricky. If you’re not careful, boots can make your legs look shorter when paired with skirts and nobody wants that. It is like pairing a feminine item (skirt) with a masculine one (boot). So do not wear too long skirts with too-tall boots because it will look like your legs are truncated and you will end up with an unflattering look. Keep things in balance so it will look like you are not wearing two different style outfits. In this article, I’m going to show you several different skirts and hiking boot combinations that are both cool and flattering.

Choose the Perfect Skirt for your Body Type

When it comes to skirts, it is so important to choose the skirt that’s best for your body type. It can help you feel super confident and you will look incredible. There are three major things to consider when choosing a skirt; how long is the waist, how full is the skirt, and how long is the hem. Now waist is not the level of your belly button, it is higher than this. The pencil skirt is the most versatile one. If you’re a pear shape, apple shape, curvier girl, shorter girl, petite girl tall girl, pencil skirt helps to exemplify and make you look taller, leaner and longer.

Wear Mid Hiking Boots

Mid hiking boots are comfortable and versatile. Try a midi skirt or something that hits you just above the knees. If you are wearing it for the office, keep it sleek pencil skirt silhouette. A pencil skirt is great because it highlights the curves of your legs making it more feminine. So the masculine hiking boots will look more ladylike. To look even more feminine, you can highlight the line between your ankles and calves by wearing a skirt that hits at the top of your calves.

Pencil Skirt

My third style is a pencil skirt with a pair of hiking boots. With pencil skirts or A-line skirts, go for a boot that hits right at the ankle. This is a great look for cooler months and it’s a really nice change of pace from pants and jeans. You can layer on warm socks underneath and with this look, you can also add on tights. The pencil skirt is so fantastic. It has several boot styles that flatter it.

Try a Circle Skirt

Whether it’s pleated leather or denim, I love the swingy fit-and-flare circle skirt. This skirt style may look good with hiking boots. The boots should hit below the ankle so it doesn’t cut off your leg and make it look shorter. It should also be a tad roomier so that it makes your ankle look smaller too.

Mini Skirt

The mini skirt with the hiking boot can be a good combination. It’s a really nice balance of proportions. You can also wear opaque tights underneath.


Skirts and boots are a nice alternative to jeans to have during the wintertime. So hopefully I have helped you create some new outfit ideas.