Best 6-Person Tents for Rain of 2023

Finding a good tent for camping can be challenging. Tents come in a variety of different designs and options. In this article, we have narrowed the myriad of choices down to the top 6-person tents for camping in the rain. These tents are easy to set up, spacious, and can be used in many relevant areas. They are comfortable to sleep in and they will keep you warm and dry in a downpour. As we know, a tent can make or break your vacation but a good, user-friendly, and feature-rich tent will always make your vacation a luxurious experience in the backcountry.

1. Coleman Skydome

Coleman Skydome

Floor area: 85 sq. ft.
Peak height: 72 in.
Packaged weight: 18 lbs.
Packed size: 25.75 x 9 in.

Coleman Skydome is a budget option for camping in the rain. It uses Dark Room technology that has been applied to the interior walls of the tent. When the door is closed, the combination of Mylar and polyester block out 90% of the sunlight. This Dark Room technology also reduces heat absorption meaning that your tent won’t turn into a sauna by 8 am. When it comes to rain performance, it performed really well in the rain. I’ve got this tent through some light rain and it held up really well with no leakages at all after the rain stopped about 30 minutes later. The bathtub flooring seams were dry, the flooring was dry, and all the fabric inside the tent was dry.

Unfortunately, it didn’t rain heavily when I was using this tent. But I managed to test it with a water hose. After about 20 minutes, I stopped the test to inspect it. The tent remained completely dry including the lower fabric and seams which showed no signs of dampness. So, I continued the heavy rain test. At about the 30-minute mark, when I stopped to check in on the tent again, I noticed that the bathtub flooring seam was starting to feel very slightly damp. Careful observation revealed some leakage through the seam. Although my fingers were slightly damp from touching it, there were no leaks inside the tent. The first few drops of water entered the tent at the 35-minute mark. However, the tent’s flooring and fabric remained dry, despite the heavy rainfall, especially the lower fabric, and flooring.

Pros: Very affordable, ark enough for a daytime nap, keeps you dry in the rain

Cons: Door zippers often snag and require both hands to operate.

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2. Kelty Discovery Basecamp

Kelty Discovery Basecamp

Floor area: 88 sq. ft.
Peak height: 68 in.
Packaged weight: 13 lbs. 14 oz.
Packed size: 23 x 7 in.

Kelty Discovery Basecamp is a great entry-level 3-season tent. It offers a simple but reliable dome-style design and lots of space for a family and it won’t break the bank. This is a freestanding tent supported by three reliable fiberglass poles. The poles sit in corner pockets, which makes setup much less frustrating. The durable polyester floor stands up to multiple residents. Both the floor and the rain fly have fully taped seams to prevent water from sneaking in. The mesh on the tent body provides ventilation so everyone can keep cool in warm weather. Inside, you’ll find just a bit over 87 square feet of internal space with a peak height of about 68 inches. Pockets are available to keep small items organized.

The large single door provides easy entry and exit. A zippered window in the door can be closed for privacy or opened for increased ventilation. When you’re ready to break camp, the duffel makes it easy to stuff and transport the tent. I would also recommend a custom-fit Basecamp 6 footprint (available separately) to protect your tent from wet ground and rocks and roots. This is a comfy 3-season tent with lots of room for the whole family and it’s easy to set up. The waterproofing is one of the standout features of this tent. All the exposed seams are fully taped and the rainfly provides full coverage. The front door zipper is well-covered, which is essential in preventing rainwater from seeping in. During a few days of testing under light to moderate rain conditions, the tent remained completely leak-free.

Pros: Good waterproofing, budget-friendly, plenty of storage options

Cons: The seam tapping the zippers snags a lot when opening and closing

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3. NEMO Aurora Highrise

NEMO Aurora Highrise

Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
Peak height: 77 in.
Packaged weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz.
Packed size: 9.5 x 26 in.

NEMO Aurora Highrise is a 3-season family tent that offers ease of setup and lots of space including an actual standing room. This freestanding tent offers lots of interior room for friends and family. That’s more than 80 square feet for the six-person version. The geometry of the lightweight but dependable aluminum poles yields a peak height of about 77 inches. The steep walls mean lots of standing room in these tents instead of one spot in the middle. The front door can be stuffed into a pocket to keep the entryway clear. Each tent has dual vestibules providing protected storage space for coolers and chairs. The vestibules have roll-up doors to create Breezy walkways when the weather is nice. The vestibule doors can also be deployed as a shady awning by using compatible support poles available separately.

The polyester tent body has no-see-um mesh panels that allow air to circulate while keeping bugs at bay. Inside, you’ll find pockets to organize and maximize the space. An overhead light diffusing pocket turns a headlamp into a comfortable nighttime glow. The two large windows have flaps for weather or privacy. The heavyweight floor fabric offers durability and a fun pattern. The fabrics of these tents meet fire-resistant standards without chemical additives. When you’re ready to head home, an oversized duffel makes it easy to pack up these big tents.

I have had the opportunity to use this tent for camping on a few occasions now, and on both recent occasions, it has rained. Not a single drop of water made its way into the tent. The rainfly held strong even during a heavy downpour. For me, having a rain fly that completely covers the tent is crucial. I have had bad experiences with cheaper tents in the past, where the rain fly was just a small square on top that did nothing to keep water out from the sides. What I love about this tent is that the rainfly completely covers the entire tent.

Pros: No condensation on the inside of the tent despite low temperatures

Cons: Rainfly above windows flaps in the light breeze and cannot be tightened properly

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4. REI Co-op Skyward

REI Co-op Skyward

Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
Peak height: 78 in.
Packaged weight: 15 lbs. 7 oz.
Packed size: 9.8 x 27.5 in.

REI Co-op Skyward is a cabin-style tent that offers near-vertical walls and a rectangular floor plan for maximum living space. The tent also offers a 78-inch of peak height that you can even change clothes inside. It has a freestanding design with separate roof assembly from leg poles. The awning over the door creates dry and drip-free entry even with the vestibule door opened. The ceiling has large bug-proof mesh panels that also enhance ventilation and provide sky views. You also get a cap-style rainfly with this tent. This fly covers mesh ceiling panels and provides water protection with good ventilation.

The weatherproofing of this tent had both good and bad moments. Unfortunately, during my testing, the tent did leak, and I can pinpoint why it happened. While it was raining and windy, I noticed that the mesh paneling on the top of the tent, which is designed for ventilation, is not covered by a lot of rain fly. There is only about 8 to 10 inches of rainfly coming down over the mesh ventilation, which means that if the wind blows at the right angle, water can get onto the mesh and cause leaks. However, the good news is that it only leaked a little bit – there were only a few drops and a small puddle found inside the tent. It wasn’t a significant amount of water, but obviously, any leak is not ideal.

Pros: A good entry-level tent for families

Cons: The entry vestibule is awkward to open because the zipper easily gets stuck and the vestibule is very small.

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5. Eureka Copper Canyon LX

Eureka Copper Canyon LX

Floor area: 100 sq. ft.
Peak height: 84 in.
Packaged weight: 25 lbs. 4 oz.
Packed size: 9 x 28 in.

The Copper Canyon LX is a cabin-style tent, which maximizes standing room and is perfect for cots and air mattresses thanks to its steep walls. I did test this tent in a variety of weather conditions including multiple days of rain. During my testing, I found that the tent did not fare well in high winds, as it actually blew away, despite being staked down. It’s worth noting that the tent was empty at the time, so having gear inside may have prevented this from happening. Additionally, the tent’s cabin-style design, with more vertical walls, may have made it more susceptible to catching the wind. In contrast, dome-style tents tend to shed wind better, making them a better choice for areas with high winds.

In terms of rain, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the tent performed. Despite its windows being sealed with hooks rather than zippers, which could potentially cause leaks, the tent did not leak during heavy rain. In fact, it performed better than some less expensive tents with zippered doors that I have tested in the past. Overall, I would give this tent a weatherproofing score of 7 out of 10. While it did perform well in rain, the fact that it blew away in high winds is a major issue to consider.

Pros: Lots of interior space for multiple air mattresses.

Cons: Poor performance in heavy winds.

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6. Marmot Limestone

Marmot Limestone

Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
Peak height: 76 in.
Packaged weight: 17 lbs. 9 oz.
Packed size: 28 x 10 in.

Limestone is a lightweight 6-person tent by Marmot. It comes with color-coded poles and clips which make it easy to pitch. The tent comes with sealed seams and a full-coverage polyester rainfly making it waterproof. It is ideal for rainy weather camping with the family.

It has a D-shaped door at the back and a double door at the front. The rear door also has an overhead vestibule for storage. Vertical walls create more space inside for movement and together with the floor space, it gives enough room for all the occupants to move around instead of being cramped. A good airflow system keeps the interior well-ventilated.

The floor space is wide enough to accommodate 6 people with very little extra space or 4-5 people with sufficient free space for gear. The footprint is not included but can be bought separately. The front door has a pocket on the inside to tuck away the opened door so it doesn’t get in the way. The two doors allow for easy entry and exit from the tent without having to stumble or go over one another.

Pros: It gives good ventilation, especially in summer.

Cons: Not ideal for cold weather.

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7. Big Agnes Big House

Big Agnes Big House

Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
Peak height: 81 in.
Packaged weight: 16 lbs. 7 oz.
Packed size: 10 x 17 x 25.5 in.

The Big Agnes Big House 6 takes nearly vertical walls, lots of headroom, and sturdy waterproof construction, and combines them into a tent that will remind you of home. At 100 x 118 inches, the Big House 6 takes up a lot of space so make sure to clear a space large enough for your campsite. The tent comes in a convenient bag that allows for easy storage the tent and rainfly are separated as are the poles and the stakes.

Remember that with a tent this big it’s important to stake it out. Do this first so that a sudden gust of wind doesn’t make a mess of your setup. Feed the strong aluminum poles through the sleeves before setting them into the grommets. This makes it easier for one person to set up the Big House 6. Look for the matching color-coded pieces on the webbing and buckles to find out which way the rainfly should go on. Tighten up the straps and you’re good to go. It’s always a good idea to stake the guylines out on this tent if you’re expecting wind gusts.

Fully set up and with the rainfly on, you’ll see that the Big House 6 Deluxe is a storm-proof design. The fly covers each mesh panel while still allowing ventilation so condensation doesn’t develop inside. On dry days, opening up the waterproof windows will let even more air through but not bugs. If it’s been raining and you need a clean and dry place to take off your shoes, the attached welcome mat is great just like at home.

Without the rainfly, you’ll see the exposed aluminum poles. Notice the bend at about head height. This makes the walls nearly vertical until they form a ceiling over your head. That increases the livable volume inside a dome-style tent. The polyester and mesh tent body is attached to the poles with clips and sleeves. There is a tall privacy screen in front and windows on the side let breezes pass right through. Inside, the waterproof and durable floor holds easily enough room for 6 campers.

If you want a camp in luxury, it will even fit a queen-size mattress with room to spare. Storage pockets with enough room for all of your gear are found all around the tent. Some of these are sized for tablets so a rainy day can become a fun movie night. The Big Agnes Big House 6 feels like home. It’s a cavernous tent with plenty of headroom but it’s built for the backcountry and can take a beating. Bring the family they’re going to love it as much as you will.

Pros: Good value for a high-end tent, customizable

Cons: Extra add-ons increase the price, front, and back are exposed to elements

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8. NEMO Wagontop

NEMO Wagontop

Floor area: 97.3 sq. ft.
Peak height: 80 in.
Packaged weight: 27 lbs.
Packed size: 12 x 27 in.

NEMO Wagontop is a durable car camping tent that is going to have enough room for the whole family. If you’re an experienced camper looking to upgrade your tent to something more livable and more durable, this is a great option. The first thing that struck me about this was how easy it was to set up for such a big tent. I thought the task was going to be daunting setting this up. But because of the hubs poles and easy instructions, it was super easy to set up.

There’s a large vestibule and a big front door that you can use in different ways. You also have a wall on the inside that you can either sit down for a little bit of privacy or you can zip open. You’ve got some windows on the inside of the tent that you can roll down so you have maximum ventilation. If the clouds roll in, you can zip up those windows and you’ve got all the rain protection you need.

As its name suggests, it’s called a Wagontop and it reminds me of a Conestoga wagon. When you go in the tent, you not only have all of that interior height but you have it all the way across and the whole length of the tent. The whole family can be in there and it’s not going to feel cramped at all. You can also purchase a footprint (sold separately) to add more durability to it.

Pros: Extremely large interior, inside wall for a little privacy, great windows

Cons: Expensive and a little hard to pitch

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9. Coleman Montana

Coleman Montana

Floor area: 84 sq. ft.
Peak height: 68 in.
Packaged weight: 16 lbs. 9.6 oz.
Packed size: 26.3 x 8.6 in.

This is a 6-person tent with enough space inside to fit 2 queen size air beds. The WeatherTec system along with the tub floor, inverted seams, and corner welds give good waterproofing. The zippers are also covered, blocking entry points of water. The awning extends over the door and keeps the shoes and gear safe and dry.

The rainfly has sealed seams and uses a velcro attachment for the frame and covers the windows and doors. The tent itself is made of durable poly guard fabric. The windows are angled making it possible to keep them open for ventilation even during rain while keeping you dry. The airflow is also made adjustable thanks to the Vari Flo system.

The tent also features e-ports. The modified dome shape makes it easier to transport, set up, and pack. The specially engineered frame design also contributes to its sturdiness in strong winds.

The tent comes with easy instructions for setting up which can enable anyone to get the hang of it in 1 or 2 attempts. The InstaClip, color-coded pole sleeves, and pin-and-ring system make the setup very easy. The packing is also fairly simple. A carry bag is also provided with the tent. For small items, storage pockets inside the tent are a nice addition. It’s a good choice for a family trip.

Pros: Good waterproofing with average ventilation.

Cons: It can take a couple of tries to get the hang of the setup.

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10. Eureka Space Camp

Eureka Space Camp

Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
Peak height: 76 in.
Packaged weight: 17 lbs. 5 oz.
Packed size: 10 x 25 in.

Eureka Space Camp offers enough room for six persons along with the two large doors and vestibules that you need to make having half a dozen people in a tent manageable. Gear loft and interior pockets organize all the gear everyone brings along. The innovative front vestibule can be deployed in several ways including an awning.

To set up this big tent, you’ll first spread out the body. As with most of these larger tents, it does not hurt to have a little help. Insert the heavy-duty pre-bent poles into the sleeves then seat the pole ends in the grommets. Clip the tent body to the poles, slide the thin straight poles through the blue sleeves, and secure the ends to the grommets. Spread the rainfly over the tent using the colored buckles to orient it correctly. Attach the fly using the velcro tabs and the buckles. Finish by staking out the vestibules. A properly staked rainfly not only protects you from rain but also maximizes ventilation.

This 6-person tent offers more than 80 square feet of interior space and a lofty peak height of 76 inches. Two doors located at the front and the back make entry and exit convenient for a crowd of residents. The tent is supported by strong aluminum poles, which give the tent a sturdy dome shape. Ventilation is very important for a tent designed to shelter lots of people. Panels of no-see-um mesh keep the bugs out while allowing fresh breezes to move through. The high and low air exchange vents allow you to adjust your ventilation to suit different temperatures.

Each door has a vestibule yielding plenty of external storage space for dirty boots, wet clothes, and muddy dogs. The large front vestibule can be deployed in several ways. As you might expect the vestibule can be battened down in foul weather or rolled up to provide a nice breezy opening in better conditions. But that’s not all. When the weather is really nice meaning the bugs are nowhere to be seen and the sun is shining, you can stretch the front vestibule door out like an awning. Now to take advantage of this awning configuration, you will need to purchase two of Eureka’s HA or height-adjustable poles and some guylines. Inside, a number of pockets and two gear lofts let you easily and safely store all the phones, earbuds keys, and other stuff that winds up on the floor of a tent.

This big tent has spaced the shelter up to half a dozen people. Pockets and gear lofts are perfect for organizing everybody’s stuff. In nice weather, you can roll out the front door as a shady awning.

Pros: Enough interior height for taller people, great ventilation

Cons: Requires two persons to set up

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Best 6-Person Tents for Rain: Comparison Table

Coleman Skydome85 sq. ft.72 in.18 lbs.25.75 x 9 in.
Kelty Discovery Basecamp88 sq. ft.68 in.13 lbs. 14 oz.23 x 7 in.
NEMO Aurora Highrise83 sq. ft.77 in.18 lbs. 14 oz.9.5 x 26 in.
REI Co-op Skyward83 sq. ft.78 in.15 lbs. 7 oz.9.8 x 27.5 in.
Eureka Copper Canyon LX100 sq. ft.84 in.25 lbs. 4 oz.9 x 28 in.
Marmot Limestone83 sq. ft.76 in.17 lbs. 9 oz.28 x 10 in.
Big Agnes Big House83 sq. ft.81 in.16 lbs. 7 oz.10 x 17 x 25.5 in.
NEMO Wagontop97.3 sq. ft.80 in.27 lbs.12 x 27 in.
Coleman Montana84 sq. ft.68 in.16 lbs. 9.6 oz.26.3 x 8.6 in.
Eureka Space Camp83 sq. ft.76 in.17 lbs. 5 oz.10 x 25 in.

How to Choose a 6-Person Camping Tent?

How to Choose a 6-Person Camping Tent?

When you are buying a camping tent, you have a few things to consider.

  • Space: First, how much space do you need? Tent names include the manufacturer’s maximum recommended sleepers, but if you’d like to camp with your pets, think about sizing up.
  • Shape: Tent shape also affects space and camping tents in two basic shapes; cabin and dome. Cabin-style tents give you more vertical walls, which translates to more livable space. They also often include features like a room divider for privacy. Dome-style tents tend to be easier to set up. Thanks to their simple design and their slopping walls can handle strong winds and weather.
  • Durability: Shelters made with high denier fabrics and durable aluminum poles last longer.
  • Features: Cabin tents include small pockets to keep books and hand lamps close at hand and some are compatible with optional gear lofts that increase storage space.
  • Storage: For easier access and more storage, choose a tent with two doors and two covered vestibules.
  • Rainfly: Tents with rainfly which only cover the roof, allow for great airflow and unobstructed views. Tents with full coverage rainfly can be guyed out to increase the strength and provide protection from the elements. You can also roll the fly out of the way to let the sun in and back down in the rain or at night.


Whether you are going camping for a weekend or on an extended backcountry adventure, the right tent can make the difference between fun and frustration. There are several types of tents available depending on what you need. Tents are generally measured by a recommended number of occupants such as a 4-person or 6-person tent. Keep in mind that this number doesn’t take into account space for gear or extra room for lounging. It’s handy to have a tent that is larger than you think you need. To stay organized, look for tents with integrated closets, gear lofts, or handy storage pockets. Depending on the time of year you’re planning to use your tent, you will want to choose something that is rated for the weather you will be facing.

Tents that are rated for 3 seasons are made for spring, summer, and fall use with additional ventilation for comfort and hot weather. Tents rated for 4 seasons have higher waterproofing ratings and stronger poles because they are made to handle rain, high winds, and even snow. If you are going to camp during the wet seasons, look for these features.