How to Get into a Sleeping Bag in a Hammock?

Getting into a sleeping bag is very easy and doable. Some people don’t like the ideal and prefer top quilts. Still, it is an option for those people who don’t want to spend extra cash on quilts especially if they do it a few times a year. Also, when I first started hammock camping, I didn’t have a quilt and I started out using sleeping bags. A sleeping bag is a better option if you prefer being completely sealed and zipped inside, which is not possible when using a top quilt.

Pro tip: Before using your sleeping bag in a hammock, make sure to use a bit of electrical tape and wrap it around the zipper tab. This will cover the potentially sharp edges because you don’t want them to snag in your hammock.

So, there are three ways you can get into the sleeping bag:

The first way is to lay your sleeping bag out in the direction that you would be sleeping. Positioning your bag diagonally is even a better way because it is more comfortable. Open the zipper, kick your feet into it, and slide yourself into your diagonal lay. Make sure to take your shoes off first. You may need a little bit of body positioning. Now, you can put on your hood if you need to and zip yourself. Getting out is also simple and it is just the reverse.

The second method is also very simple. Take your sleeping bag, unzipped it completely, and stand in it. If you are in the field, you probably want a groundsheet below just to make sure you are not damaging your sleeping bag. Now, completely zipped your bag, make adjustments, sit down in your hammock, and slide your feet up over like you normally would.

The final way to use your bag in the hammock is to use it as a top quilt. Unzip your bag and leave enough space to create a foot-box. Put your sleeping bag in the hammock and climb it over like you normally do. Take the foot-box you just created, keep your feet into it, and just lay yourself down. If you want to use your hood with this method, take whatever side the hood is on and tuck it around your shoulders and pull the hood around your head. It works and you still use your hood but I never like using the hood that way. Instead, I take the hood and wrap it around behind my head just to use the hood as my pillow.