Best Hiking Pants for Hot Weather of 2023

Hiking in summer can be annoying with all the sweat and heat buildup in the body. Regular pants are made to deal with such extreme conditions but hiking pants purpose-built excel at tackling the problems that arise while hiking in hot weather. These pants are comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy to allow freedom of motion. They also have a useful pocket arrangement and some other useful features like breathability, venting, a gusseted crotch, and articulated knees. When it comes to warm-weather hiking, it’s always recommended to choose a lightweight pair that provides good breathability and ventilation so you stay cool on the trail.

1. Marmot Arch Rock

Marmot Arch Rock
Materials: 94% nylon, 6% elastane
Weight: 10.1 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: UPF 50

When hiking in hot weather, the Marmot Arch Rock pants provide excellent temperature regulation. They are designed in a modern style while remaining highly technical. These pants are made for freedom of movement, breathability, and UV protection. They’re ideal for getting from your favorite climbing gym or hiking trail to your favorite downtown destination. These pants are made of abrasion-resistant nylon fabric. They are woven performance fabric. It’s very stretchy for easy movement, and it’s also very packable and breathable. It’s a very comfortable fitting pants with some nice abrasion and water resistance on the outside. Because it is made of UPF 50 fabric, it provides adequate sun protection throughout the pants.

These pants have a gusseted crotch and articulated knees, among other features. Two front pockets, two back pockets, and one zippered side pocket are also included. These hiking pants are among the lightest on the market. The waistband of the pant also has belt loops for added security if you need to wear a belt. The interior features a DriClime waistband for added comfort and moisture-wicking. The fit is fairly relaxed, so these are going to be a little baggy.

What I like: Affordable, super lightweight, easy to move around in them

What I don’t: Tight around the legs, can’t go over the tops of boots or shoes

See the Marmot Arch Rock See the Arch Rock Convertible

2. Outdoor Research Ferrosi

Outdoor Research Ferrosi
Materials: 86% nylon, 14% spandex
Weight: 12.5 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: Not specified

Outdoor Research Ferrosi is the ultimate pair of pants for hiking in hot weather. It is great for a variety of adventures and the performance is amazing. In terms of overall performance, they perform well in a variety of trail conditions. The Ferrosi is lightweight and has only a few features but all those features are fully functional. It is a well-thought-out pair of pants, which provides great mobility, comfort, breathability, and ventilation. Breathability is the outstanding point of the Ferrosi making it the perfect choice for hiking.

The fabric is 86% ripstop nylon and 14% spandex. It is a lightweight fabric and is also the most breathable. The front pockets and the thigh pocket are partially lined with mesh for more ventilation. The bottom of each leg cuff has an elastic cord that allows you to pull the pant legs above the calf and secure them. The Ferrosi has a regular cut with a gusseted crotch and articulated knees. The cut and stretch of the fabric allow unmatched mobility and comfort. Water resistance is the weak point of these pants but still isn’t bad by any means. It just won’t hold up during heavy rain. However, the thin and lightweight fabric dries quickly.

What I like: Breathable fabric, good ventilation, maximum mobility, and comfortable

What I don’t: Doesn’t come with a belt, is not ideal for winter backpacking, is less versatile

See the Outdoor Research Ferrosi See the Women’s Ferrosi

3. Mountain Hardwear Dynama 2

Mountain Hardwear Dynama 2
Materials: 94% nylon, 6% elastane
Weight: 4.1 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: Not specified

Dynama 2 made by Mountain Hardwear is a simple pair of pants but they shine in a lot of different areas. First of all, they look nice and feel comfortable. The women-specific version looks feminine and fits well. These pants are super versatile and you can wear them from your office to the trail. One of my favorite things about these is just how comfortable they are. The pants are made of nylon and spandex materials, which gives them a lot of stretch. The fabric feels great against the skin and they are not going to constrict your movement at all no matter what you are doing.

Sticking with simplicity, you have two hand pockets, they’re nice and deep and you can even fit your whole hand in there. The pockets are great for things like keys, phones, wallets, etc. At the back, you do have two pockets there, again, these are just simple pockets with no zippered closures. This is kind of nice because if you are climbing and wearing a harness, there’s nothing that’s going to get in the way of your harness. Another great feature that helps with the fit of these pants is the waistband. It’s about a 2-inch wide waistband and it is stretchy.

What I like: Incredibly lightweight, very soft feel with a good amount of stretch, and breathable

What I don’t: The low rise can be uncomfortable, which makes the crotch feel tight.

See the Mountain Hardwear Dynama 2 See the Dynama 2 Capri

4. Columbia Flex ROC

Columbia Flex ROC
Materials: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
Weight: Not specified
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: UPF 50+

Columbia is known for its high-quality fabrics and expert craftsmanship and Flex ROC pants are no exception. These pants are made from a signature cotton blend that is both lightweight and durable. This fabric is actually 98% cotton and 2% elastane. The utility cotton has enough stretch and offers freedom of movement for hiking. These pants feature several handy features like hand pockets, belt loops, front button closure, and a zip-closed security pocket. These pants have a casual fit and the fabric is stretchy, which is comfortable while hiking. These pants are durable and breathable and can be worn in all seasons.

The pants are suitable for wearing in hot temperatures. The durability is excellent and the pockets are generous in depth for storing things like keys and wallets. The zipper pocket is great for a cell phone. The stretch offered by Flex ROC is great on a hike as you go up steep terrain. The belt loops are well-placed as most designers skimp on the backside belt loops. There are two side-by-side belt loops on the rear, helping to keep them in place while being active. Overall, these are lightweight, quick-drying, and stretchy pants that are great for hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, and traveling.

What I like: Comfortable, light, stretchy, look professional, breathable, and quick drying

What I don’t: The flex fabric feels unpleasant against the skin.

See the Columbia Flex ROC

5. Mammut Runbold

Mammut Runbold
Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% spandex
Weight: 9 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: UPF 50+

Mammut Runbold is for those who want pants with exceptional performance in hot weather. They have a minimal feature set but these features are useful. They are the kind of pants that can be used for casual hangouts as well. Breathability is the outstanding point of the Runbold. These pants are one of the lightest models due to their thin fabric that allows for sweat and heat to escape quickly. But there aren’t any special measures for ventilation. It is already breathable enough. The fabric has 15% spandex which makes the Runbold stretchy and comfortable. Although they have a slim fit, they still don’t restrict motion. They have articulated knees and a gusseted crotch that makes the Runbold make roomier.

Water resistance is not so great in these pants. Although these pants are treated with a DWR coating and repel water in light rain, they won’t last in moderate rain. But because the material is so thin, these pants are very quick to dry. Being thin also compromises the wind protection of these pants. The Runbold features four pockets; two hand pockets, one rear pocket on the right side, and one on the thigh. All pockets have zippers and flaps. All pockets are large enough to accommodate a large phone. The leg pocket is placed at the front rather than the side which reduces the jiggling of items. These pants are pricey and while these pants are the best for dry, warmer weather, they can’t be called a good value pair.

What I like: Very lightweight, zippered pockets, good sun protection

What I don’t: A little short fly, no elastic in the legs so rolling up is not an option

See the Mammut Runbold See the Women’s Runbold

6. Kuhl Radikl

Kuhl Radikl
Materials: 68% cotton, 29% nylon, 3% spandex
Weight: 14.9 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: UPF 50

The Kuhl Radikl is a uniquely designed pair of pants that stand out from the rest. The Radikl is not only unique in its style, but it is also unique in its features. They are extremely comfortable and breathable. But unlike the Outdoor Research Ferrosi above, they aren’t an all-rounder. The fabric of the Radikl is mostly cotton. The pants have articulated knees and a gusseted crotch. Together with a roomier cut, the Radikl allows great comfort and motion. These pants also have strategically placed stretch panels that allow for unrestricted motion.

The stretch panels that increase motion range also make the pants more breathable. These panels are placed at the lower back, crotch, and sides of the legs. Among these body parts, the lower back and the crotch get sweaty quickly. Having effective ventilation is essential in these parts and the Radikl does a good job of keeping you cool. The Radikl is not water-resistant at all. Its high cotton blend makes it absorb water quickly and harder to dry. It is most suited for dry conditions. The styling makes it look sort of like cargo pants with all the visible stitching. But their breathability, comfort, and good feature set make them good value pants.

What I like: The waist remains secure even without a belt.

What I don’t: No water resistance, look more casual than most hiking pants

See the Kuhl Radikl

7. Mountain Hardwear AP

Mountain Hardwear AP
Materials: Cotton, nylon, elastane blend
Weight: 7.2 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: Not specified

Mountain Hardwear AP is a well-made, fashionable pant ideal for summertime excursions. For a full day of hiking, these pants are a little too constricting and tight, but the body shape is a crucial factor in that calculation. Even in light rain, these pants barely resist water. These pants lack features that are present in the majority of the other hiking pants in our review and have a very basic design. These pants are made of a soft, comfortable fabric that is a blend of 75% cotton, 23% nylon, and 2% elastane. It provides less mobility, though. The fit is extremely tight in the upper thighs and slim and narrow overall.

These pants also have a much too low cut at the crotch. The waist felt loose and rode up even higher, which is equally uncomfortable if you tried to fix this issue by wearing them a little higher. Mesh-lined front hand pockets and zippered back pockets are among the features. Additionally, it has a mesh liner that is sewn into the pants and is located inside the pelvic area. On the inside of the leg, there is reflective tape. When rolled up, it becomes visible in dim lighting. Overall, these pants are excellent for rock climbing, summer backpacking, or wearing around town.

What I like: Versatile for many activities, stylish look, and comfortable cotton fabric

What I don’t: Not recommend these as dedicated hiking pants due to their lack of water resistance and restrictive fit.

See the Mountain Hardwear AP

8. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible
Materials: 100% nylon ripstop
Weight: 10.8 oz.
Belt included: Yes
Sun Protection: UPF 50

Columbia Silver Ridge is a pair of pants that looks great. The performance is mediocre but so is the price. It is one of the budget options you can get. With this being a budget option, you would have some compromises to complain about. These pants are a solid option in terms of breathability. The material of these pants is lightweight and allows sweat to evaporate quickly. Their light material makes them suitable for hotter weather. Venting includes mesh-lined pockets and conversion zips.

These pants have six pockets; 2 hand pockets, two rear, and two cargo pockets. One cargo pocket has a zipper while the other has a Velcro strap. The waist also has an included belt. The waist also has two small sections of elastic on each side allowing for some level of stretch. Comfort and mobility are not the strongest points of these pants. The shell fabric is 100% nylon with no elastane or spandex for stretch. The fabric limits the movement. These pants also have no DWR coating but they do dry quickly. However, these are budget pants that are suitable for hiking in warm and dry conditions. They are not the ideal pants for climbing but they perform well for trail walking.

What I like: Very affordable, comes with an integrated belt, can be converted to shorts

What I don’t: The material is thin so not suitable for rugged terrain, limited mobility, and no water protection

See the Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

9. Patagonia Quandary

Patagonia Quandary
Materials: 94% nylon, 6% spandex
Weight: 10 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: UPF 50

If you are into high-altitude hiking or moderately wet conditions this summer, then Patagonia Quandary is worth considering. These are lightweight pants with good wind and sun protection. You would also appreciate the performance of the Quandary in wet conditions. These pants have a slim cut. This cut is a little restrictive but only when you are really flexing your legs. The fabric is a blend of nylon and spandex. It is a fairly stretchy fabric that allows movement in all directions. The fabric also feels soft against the skin but if you have bulky thighs, you should try these pants first before committing to them.

The breathability of the Quandary is average but still does the job well. The venting options are also limited. However, the fabric is super-thin and keeps you cool but also provides effective wind protection. This pair also has a moisture-wicking mesh liner on the inside of the waistband. The Quandary has an effective DWR coating that does an amazing job of repelling light rain. They do get soaked in heavy rain but still manage to keep their legs dry somehow. The nylon fabric isn’t very absorptive and dries quickly. These pants also feature UFP 50 sun protection. For high altitudes and wet conditions, the Quandary is among the best value pants.

What I like: Stretchy, great mobility & fit, and good water resistance

What I don’t: Fewer pockets, slim fit is not ideal for larger folks

See the Patagonia Quandary See the Women’s Quandary

10. KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible

KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible
Materials: 95% nylon, 5% spandex
Weight: 17 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: UPF 50

The KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible is for people who are looking to keep only a single pair of pants. These convertible pants are not only great for hiking but other outdoor activities as well. The Renegade Cargo will be the only pants you will need. The Renegade Cargo is fairly comfortable. It has a gusseted crotch and articulated knees that provide sufficient space for movement. The fit is slightly looser and the nylon fabric feels soft against the skin. The only botheration is the convertible zippers on the thighs that will rub against the skin. But that is a problem common among convertible pants.

The looser fit of the pants keeps you cool. The hand pockets and the rear pockets are mesh-lined but the cargo pockets are not. However, you do get the ability to remove the lower portion of the legs for ultimate breathability. The leg cuffs also have vertical zippers for ventilation. The vertical zippers also allow you to remove the legs of the pants without taking off your shoes.

These pants have an effective DWR coating initially but in a short period of regular use, the coating seems to wear off. The thighs and the butt are the regions where this problem is most pronounced. However, the nylon fabric doesn’t absorb much water. The pants also feature UPF 50 sun protection. The Renegade Cargo is a bit expensive. But it saves you the expense, the weight, and the inconvenience of an extra pair of shorts.

What I like: Convertible option is great and easy to use, has durable fabric, plenty of pockets

What I don’t: A little heavy, convertible zipper rests across the lower thigh

See the KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible

11. Patagonia Hampi Rock

Patagonia Hampi Rock - Women's
Materials: Polyester, spandex
Weight: 8.4 oz.
Belt included: Drawstring
Sun Protection: Not specified

Patagonia Hampi Rock pants are cool when it’s hot out there and they have the right blend of softness and durability. They’re designed for climbers, hikers, and backpackers so they give freedom of movement. The fit of the waist works well with the harness and it tapers at the ankles, which let you clearly see your feet while climbing. They’re made of a blend of durable polyester and spandex. They have a soft linin feel and are breathable in hot humid climates. The waistband is wide and has a lot of stretch to give that perfect snug fit without being restrictive under a harness. The drop-in mesh pockets are convenient when you are downtown but they lay flat when you are not using them. The right-hand pocket even has a stretch for your phone so that when you lift your leg, it doesn’t fall out.

I like the taper at the bottom of the legs. It falls at the perfect spot and the flat front looks clean while the elastic at the back gives you the option to pull them up to capris length. I also like the fit on these because the waistband is nice and stretchy and gives you enough room in your legs while tapering down to the ankles. Overall, the work has been done impressively. With the articulated knees and shaping, these will become your go-to pants for summer adventures.

What I like: Lightweight, breathable, good performance

What I don’t: The seat of the pants is tight and it gets baggy after multiple uses.

See the Patagonia Hampi Rock See the Women’s Hampi Rock

12. Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tight

Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tight
Materials: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane
Weight: 10.3 oz.
Belt included: No
Sun Protection: None

The Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tight is a niche option for those who like tight clothing and sheer utility. These tights are stretchy and the mobility is unmatched. This is a viable idea and can be made better with some improvements. The fabric with a blend of 82% polyamide and 18% elastane is as stretchy as you would expect in a pair of tights. The crotch is gusseted and provides room on the upper portion for movement. Being a pair of tights, mobility is great of course.

The tights have mesh pockets for ventilation and can also be rolled up. But the fabric itself is also breathable. The knee patches are reinforced so they don’t allow ventilation. The tights don’t have any DWR coating. But the completely synthetic fabric does not absorb much water. But they do become soaked if stretched. The problem with these tights is that all the mobility doesn’t make it comfortable. They are only suited to a particular body type. For compromised comfort, the cost is too high. But as mentioned earlier, these are not for everyone. If you think they suit you, then they are a good option.

What I like: Reinforced materials in high wear areas, good mobility, versatile

What I don’t: No water and sun protection, a little uncomfortable and expensive

See the Fjallraven Abisko See the Women’s Abisko

Best Hiking Pants for Hot Weather: Summary

Marmot Arch RockNylon/elastane10.1 oz.NoUPF 50
Outdoor Research FerrosiNylon/spandex12.5 oz.NoNot specified
Mountain Hardwear Dynama 2Nylon/elastane4.1 oz.NoNot specified
Columbia Flex ROCCotton/elastaneNot specifiedNoUPF 50+
Mammut RunboldPolyamide/spandex9 oz.NoUPF 50+
Kuhl RadiklCotton/nylon/spandex14.9 oz.NoUPF 50
Mountain Hardwear APCotton/nylon/elastane7.2 oz.NoNot specified
Columbia Silver RidgeNylon ripstop10.8 oz.YesUPF 50
Patagonia QuandaryNylon/spandex10 oz.NoUPF 50
KUHL Renegade CargoNylon/spandex17 oz.NoUPF 50
Patagonia Hampi RockPolyester/spandex8.4 oz.DrawstringNot specified
Fjallraven Abisko Trekking TightPolyamide/elastane10.3 oz.NoNone

How to Choose Pants for Summer Hiking?

Critical Hiking Pants Considerations for Summer

Choosing pants for summer requires some parameters that you should keep in mind. Knowing what you need would help you make a better decision in choosing your pants. This guide provides awareness of the things that you should look for while choosing your hiking pants.

Hiking Pants vs. Shorts

Choosing between pants and shorts becomes confusing especially when you’re selecting a pair for warm weather hikes. Shorts provide better ventilation while pants provide better protection. For overnight backpacking trips with changing weather, pants are a better option.

Full-length pants provide better protection from the sun and keep rocks and dirt from getting into your shoes. Pants are also preferred on the technical trail where might scratch or brush against rocks and brushes.

But shorts are better for short day hikes on well-maintained trails. You can also choose convertible pants but they have their own problems. However, many pants are also offered in their shorts version having the same fabric, fit, and features.


Hiking pants are usually made of nylon and elastane. The higher the elastane the stretchy the fabric becomes. A fabric with a lot of stretch tends to fit tighter. The fabric also becomes thin and less durable. On the other hand, pants with less elastane are thicker and are more durable.


The weight of the hiking pants is not a consideration when it comes to features. But for hot day hikes, weight should be considered. Choose a lightweight pair so they don’t feel like a burden when you are sweating during your hike. Lightweight pants also mean a thin fabric making them more breathable.


No hiking pants are completely waterproof. The reason is simple; waterproof clothing is not breathable. You need your pants to be breathable. That being said, hiking pants can have a decent DWR coating. They do a good job of repelling light to moderate rain. Just avoid cotton blends. They soak up water while nylon blends don’t.

Convertible and Roll-ups

Convertible pants have been a popular choice among hikers because they provide a 2-in-1 option that is versatile. However, convertible pants are heavier and bulkier than regular pants, and using a zipper system is not as practical as it seems. The zipper also rubs against the knees or the thighs making them uncomfortable.

As a result, roll-up pants are becoming more popular with hikers these days. Their benefit over convertibles is that there are no zippers to mess around with and to make you feel uncomfortable. All it requires is a low-profile button and some tabs to secure the rolled-up leg while getting the benefit of a convertible.

Other Features

There are some extra features that you should look for.


The organization is a plus point. Pockets provide you with storage for small stuff. There are options on the market with some creative storage options. But it is important to not overload the pockets, otherwise, they will become uncomfortable.

Waist Adjusters

Getting the right fit can sometimes be a challenge, especially, if you fall between sizes. Having waist adjustment options can be a plus in such situations. There are a few waist adjustment options like an integrated belt or drawstrings.

An integrated belt is more secure but it adds bulk and interferes with the backpack’s hip belt. Drawstrings, on the other hand, are low-profile but they are not as user-friendly and secure as a belt.