How to Wear Hiking Boots with Jeans: 7 Useful Tips

Hiking boots can be extremely stylish. A lot of people wear them casually on a daily basis. They are also the most versatile ones. I mean one pair of your hiking boots can be used as rain boots, work boots, walking shoes, and of course hiking boots. So if you are traveling they save you a lot of weight and space because you can use them for a variety of activities.

Hiking boots are also very rugged and durable. They provide protection against rocks, roots, mud, and water. Wear them, walk through creeks, step in puddles, and your feet will remain dry. They are also easy to clean and dry faster.

One of the benefits of hiking boots is that they are very easy to style. You can style them with your favorite winter and summer outfits. They can also be more comfortable than your regular sneakers.

So these are 7 ways you can wear your hiking boots with jeans.

1. Pick the right Length

It is very critical that your pants’ legs are the appropriate length. They can’t be too long or short. Basically, you are looking for your pant length to be nice and they should cover the top of your boot.

2. Cuff your Jeans

Are your jeans just a little bit too long? Do they look a little funky and are not cooperating? A quick cuff can get your jeans looking super tailored and also lay your hiking boots shine at the same time. Just grab the bottom hem of your jeans and flip it back up. The color on the underside of the jeans sometimes is lighter giving it a contrasting look. If your jeans are too wide and you roll them, it will look kind of floppy. One trick you can incorporate if your pant is a little too wide down at the foot opening is pin roll. Pinch a little bit of fabric together and roll it up twice to keep everything held in place. This instantly narrows the foot opening and gives you a more streamlined silhouette.

3. Tuck Skinny Jeans

Tuck in your jeans inside your ankle boots. It’s obviously one of the easiest ways to handle your denim hems but there are some quick tips to help you finesse the process. I know a lot of people say not to do that but I want to at least share a few personal tips in case you guys do you want to try it. I highly recommend sticking with skinnier leg jeans. Minimize any extra fabric because it’d be so hard to shove all that extra denim into the ankle boot. It’s going to bunch every time you walk so you want to keep this as like streamline as possible. You also don’t want to lose a definition of the legs.

4. Try the Kick Flare

The kick flare is basically a pair of jeans that are cropped, fitted through the legs, and then it flares out at the bottom. This is another pair of jeans that really is meant for hiking boots. I think this type is popular right now and I don’t think it is going to go anywhere anytime soon.

5. Wear Cropped Jeans

The cropped jeans and the mid hiking boot are like a match made in heaven. They really go together like peas and carrots. Cropped jeans are really a no-brainer with an ankle boot. They are cropped so the hemline of the jean is typically not going to compete with the height of the boot.

6. Stacking

This look isn’t for everyone because it can look really sloppy if it is not done correctly. You still need a nice, slim, tapered down at the ankle opening. Personally, this isn’t something I like but I want to include it here because it is an option for a lot of other guys.

7. Opt for Earth Tones

Hiking boots come in a variety of colors. Typically brown colored boots with yellow laces and rubber soles look amazing with blue jeans. So try different colors and you may find a perfect combination.

Hiking boots are very versatile and can be styled with jeans. It is a classic combination that looks great but still most guys mess it up. All you have to understand the proportions and put the right combination of boots and jeans together.